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The overall process of making our hand knotted rugs is highly controlled and monitored to get the best quality end results. The whole process from selection of materials till the finished carpet goes through aggressive quality checks. All our artisans at different locations of Rajasthan are being supported very well by our monitoring team in order to deliver the best results.


The talented rug designers prepare the complete designs in the design software to generate the CAD for each carpet.


The best quality wool is sourced from Bikaner, Afghanistan and few other locations. Also, the best quality silk is sourced from Bangalore, China as well as some other few locations. These wool or silk are then cleaned and spun into yarn. Spinning is done either by hand or machine. Wool is also sometimes carded. Spinning or carding is done depending on the texture needed in the finished rugs.


The raw wool and silk yarn is then dyed to thousands of different colors as per the design. The dyeing is done with special formula for each and every color and after the dyeing the wool and silk are dried in sun before going for the weaving.


The artisans are provided with the full size print out of the CAD design with details of colors in every knot that is being tied by the artisans. The raw material is provided to the artisans as per the initial estimate in order to proceed for weaving on the looms. The looms are set as per the size of the rugs.


Once the rugs are out of the looms, they are moved to the washing centers. There, they are washed with different washing processes in order to remove the dirt and bring out the natural sheen in the yarn used.


The washed rugs are then brought in shape by different processes and are trimmed to the desired length of pile before getting it ready for export.

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